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Advertising Price Schedule

We can help promote the internet presence of your business.

WestPointGuide.com offers effective online advertising packages. Let us help to promote your West Point, Virginia area business.

The package below offers our basic option for Web Site Advertising. The cost of larger packages are determined by the number of graphics and pages utilized for each package. Prices are quoted for single yearly payments. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. No other affiliate advertisements will appear on paid contact pages.

Special Pricing now $250.00 per year.

BASIC WEB CONTACT PAGE - Price: $550.00 per year (price subject to change). Our price includes the following items and specifications.

  • One (1) page of Information.
  • Company logo plus three (3) additional graphics (artwork or photos, provided by client).
  • Description of your company or products, (200 to 300 words of text) including contact information.
  • Logos and Photos should be approximately 300 x 200 pixels in size for faster loading.
  • We do not allow any Animated or Flash files to be included in our pages.
  • Your contact page is linked from our "Advertiser Index" plus one other category (activities, restaurants, etc.)
  • Link to an existing web page and email address. Only one link per contact page.
  • Approximately 1-1/2 hours of design time. After the included design time is used, all changes, revisions and re-designs will be billed at $75.00 usd per hour with a minimum charge of $25.00.
  • Google Analytics can be installed. Client would need to provide the source code for our site.
  • Hosted on www.West PointGuide.com. (click here to see sample contact page)
  • Paid Contact Pages will not display any affiliate ad listings.

  • Change a graphic (replace existing artwork or photo) - $25.00 per change
  • General changes - links, text, graphics, etc. - $65.00 to $95.00 per hour - $25.00 minimum
  • Additional page of text or information - $150.00 per year
  • Additional links from other pages or categories - $550.00 per link
  • Additional photographs, logos or other graphics - $50.00 per graphic
  • Video clip (45 second max - client provided) on new contact page - $550.00 per year
All prices are quoted in USD and do not include any applicable taxes.
Contact us for more information by e
mail tyson@tysonpromotions.com

We now accept the following forms of payment.
american express
visa credit cards

west point virginia - west point guide

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