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C & F Mortgage Corporation

Virginia, Maryland and Delaware

C & F Mortgage originates single-family residential loans from multiple locations in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. C & F Mortgage offers programs primarily designed for home purchases and home mortgage refinancing with competitive fixed and adjustable rate mortgages.

c & f mortagage corporation - virginia

We believe that excellence is the standard for all we do, achieved by encouraging and nourishing: respect for others; honest, open communication; individual development and satisfaction; a sense of ownership and responsibility for the Corporation's success; participation cooperation, and teamwork; creativity, innovation, and initiative; prudent risk-taking; and recognition and rewards for achievement. We believe that we must conduct ourselves morally and ethically at all times and in all relationships. We believe that we have an obligation to the well-being of all the communities we serve. We believe that our offices and staff are out most important assets, making the critical difference in how the Corporation performs and, through their work and effort, separate us from all competitors.

C & F Mortgage Corporation
1167 Jamestown Rd # A, Williamsburg, VA 23185.
Phone: (757) 259-1200; (804) 843-2360.

Corporate Headquarters:
Call our main office for assistance.
1400 Alverser Drive
Midlothian, VA 23113
Tel:1-888-339-8300 | Fax.: 1-804-858-8380
e-mail: corp@cfmortgagecorp.com
C & F Mortgage Corporation - http://www.cfmortgagecorp.com/

west point virginia - west point guide

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