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Dragon Run

The Dragon Wilderness, Middle Peninsula area of Virginia

The unique character of the Dragon wilderness and its awesome natural beauty exist primarily because it is remote. Several highway bridges cross its 35 mile run to the Piankatank River. Most access points are, however, only reached by way of nearly a mile trek over rugged back country. This natural protection of the million year old swamp has contributed to its abundance of wild life.

The Dragon Run Swamp is the boundary between King and Queen County and Middlesex County. Approximately 72 square miles of the Dragon Run lies in King and Queen and offers opportunities for fishing, canoeing and wildlife watching.

Friends of Dragon Run (FODR) was organized by a group of Virginia's Middle Peninsula citizens who generously donated funds to purchase and preserve a 203 acre tract of Dragon swampland, near Churchview in Middlesex County. With assistance from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation staff and an affiliation with the Virginia Outdoors Foundation, the purchase was made possible with tax deductible contributions.

Concerned land owners, who over the years have exercised good land use judgment, can be credited with the conservation of this threatened gem.

The organization now independently owns and manages this wild area. Its members and the public enjoy the use of the property for purposes consistent with conservation and education.

The Dragon wilderness is a unique ecosystem which has been ranked second in ecological significance among 232 areas investigated in a Smithsonian Institution study which covered 12,600 square miles of the Chesapeake Bay region.

Friends of Dragon Run (FODR) is blessed to have several walking trails/access roads on its properties, trails and roads that give access to the Dragon Run and its surrounding lands. As such, the trails, etc., provide opportunities to view not only the Dragon, but also the terrestrial fauna and flora of the Dragon lands. The current trails are all level, relatively clear and well marked, provide easy walking, and have one or more benches to sit on.

We encourage you to join the The Friends of Dragon Run and support our activities.

Friends of Dragon Run
Frank Herrin, President
P.O. Box 882  Gloucester, VA 23061
Phone: (804) 785-6403.

west point virginia - west point guide

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